Newsletter August 2015
Newsletter August 2015

Dear Client, 

This month we are quite busy here at Mossel Bay VW and we would like to share our excitement with you.

We will report about our very first Oppiplaas 4x4 Family Day that took place on 1 August.  

Also in this issue is information on VW’s innovative Driver Fatigue Detection that will prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel; the blisteringly fast Golf GTI, and a Braised Lamb Shank recipe made for winter.

Enjoy the read.

  OppiPlaas 4x4 Family Day

On 1 August 2015 Mossel Bay VW hosted our first OppiPlaas 4x4 family day on local 4X4 enthusiast, Henning van Eeden’s, farm. It was a huge success and a lot of footage was taken at the event. The trailer to the right is just a teaser for the DVD that will soon be available for purchase.

The day was met with overwhelming positive response from the local 4x4 community and even convinced those that have never off-roaded before to try it out.  

There were events such as Off-Road Quarter-Mile sprints, closest to the pin, and even an obstacle course for the drivers to manoeuvre through. A total of 32 vehicles participated in these events. The event was open to all brands and we saw Amarok, Toyota, Ford, GWM and Jeep in action all competing for  the top crown. In the end the novice, Marius Opperman, won the day.

What makes this event special is that all proceeds go towards community upliftment. Mossel Bay Volkswagen established the “Charity Begins at Home” as an initiative to tend to the needs of staff members with special needs, and to make a difference in our community. We have managed to raise an amount in excess of R15,000. We will share with you how these funds have been utilised in a future issue.

To all who participated, planned, worked, sponsored or participated in this day in any way, please accept our sincere gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without you!


1st place(middle): Marius Opperman
2nd place(left): Eugene Pieterse
3rd place (right): Theuns Vorster
Riaan Sprong(way right)


VW Driving innovation


Driver assistance systems help to detect critical situations in advance and reduce the risk of accidents. A total of 19 new assistance systems have been introduced in conjunction with the new Passat. Two of the most significant of these are Driver Fatigue Detection and Front Assist with the City Emergency Braking function.

At the beginning of each journey, the system analyses the driver’s particular driving behaviour, including the steering angle, the use of the pedals and lateral acceleration. Rather than reactively warning the driver in the event that he or she momentarily falls asleep at the wheel, the Driver Fatigue Detection system proactively identifies deteriorating driver concentration that occurs prior to this. If a change in driving behaviour is determined, a visual acoustic warning alerts the driver. If the driver fails to take a break in the following 15 minutes after the warning, the signals are repeated. In addition to this, the system also advises the driver to take a break after four hours of continuous driving.

To find out more about these wonderful innovative features, stay tuned for next month’s newsletter or you can contact us on 044 692 0206.


  The Golf VII GTI

The Golf GTI is still the Ultimate Hot Hatch, according to fans and critics alike. Some have fond memories dating back to the Golf Mark 1 and 2, while other have more recently experienced the thrills of owning the Golf V or VI GTI’s.

With its latest GTI incarnation, the Golf VII GTI has set the bench mark once more in performance driven hatches and has been praised by critics. Below is an extract from Car Magazine on the vehicle’s first test drive.

“It was all going so well. The rain from the previous few days had ceased, giving the air in Cape Town a crisp freshness, my morning coffee had been particularly good and the line-up of brand-new Volkswagen Golf GTIs parked invitingly at the meeting point of the local launch promised so much.

A choice of red, white or black, the same colours as were available when the original Mk1 GTi was launched back in 1976, a top-selling DSG transmission model selected and the first directions for the launch route received, we were ready to roll.

The one thing you quickly realize while driving the newest models is that many fellow motorists, enthusiasts and detractors of the VW brand know the new car when they see it. And this applies especially to the new GTI. I’m happy to report that there’s at least a new (standard) 18-inch wheel design (even if the pointy bits on the new alloys face in opposite directions depending on which side of the car you’re looking at) and I appreciate the fact that the GTI rides 15 mm lower to the ground than the standard car. The signature red nose highlight has been extended through each headlamp cluster and there’s now GTI badging posted on the front wheel flanks.

Heading north out of Cape Town, things continued to go well. The slick six-speed DSG transmission goes about its business in a seamless, non-intrusive manner, while the well-appointed cabin is an altogether nice place to be.

The seventh-generation Golf GTI is the third generation to make use of Volkswagen’s EA888 turbocharged 2,0-litre engine. Re-engineered, while including a new cylinder head that incorporates a water-cooled exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) system, in this application there’s 162 kW on offer. More significant, especially considering the outgoing Mk6 GTI 35 edition already boasted 11 kW more than this, is a fairly substantial 70 N.m increase in torque over the previous-generation GTI (50 N.m up on the 35 edition). 350 N.m is now available at a low 1 500 r/min. Combine this with the weight savings gained by the new platform and the new car feels that much sprightlier than the model it replaces.

150-odd km of open, traffic-free Cape Winelands roads covered and the new GTI was already impressing with it all-round refinement, comfort and flexibility.“

To book a test drive or for more info about the latest Golf VII GTI, contact Riaan Sprong on 044 692 0206.

  The Capped Service Special  

Visit Mossel Bay Volkswagen for an unbeatable service deal on all 2003 to 2011 models of the 1.4 and 1.6 Polo petrol models. This offer has been extended once again until December 2015 and truly is great value for money to all Polo owners. An offer this good deserves your attention no matter what.

To place a service booking with one of our Service Advisors, click on the image on the right or alternatively you can contact us on 044 692 0206. 


  A trip to Spain

Our sales team has achieved a number of accolades recently. In this issue we are highlighting Riaan Sprong’s achievement.

Riaan’s passion for Volkswagen vehicles, specifically Commercial vehicles and the Amarok, led to him winning a trip to Spain to attend the Global Congress for VW Commercial Vehicles and to attend the launch of the Generation 6 Kombi, the T6, and the Generation 4 Caddy.

We are super proud of Riaan who finally got the recognition he deserves!




Braised Lamb Shanks with Gremolata and baked Polenta


Winter is always a great excuse to cook up some juicy lamb shanks for guests or family. This is one of our favourite recipes. Enjoy!

Send us your comments via Facebook. We would love to know what you think about this dish.



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