Newsletter April 2015
  Dear name,

It is the month of April and instead of celebrating April fool's day for only one day, Mossel Bay Volkswagen decided to make it a whole month of celebration with our April Madness promotion.

With April Madness you as our client have a chance to benefit from each one of our departments this month. Each department offers something different from: finance packages, demo vehicle sales, free health checks on your vehicle, to our Fitment Centre’s safety film special.

Below we also have feedback about the latest parkrun in South Africa, the 50th parkrun venue in South Africa. Since 14 March 2015 Hartenbos now boasts its own parkrun.

We also included a new video on the recently launched up!, as well as a fudge recipe that won't fail.

Celebrate April Madness with us and enjoy the read.

New Cars
  During the Month of April we are offering deposit assistance towards financing your New Polo TSI! We are giving you R4000 deposit to put down as an additional deposit to make your monthly instalment a bit lighter.

In addition to this, we are very excited to offer you 3 MAD vehicle finance packages on the brand-new up!, the Vivo Conceptline and the Polo Comfortline for your consideration. These are designed exclusively for you, our valued client, and are only available with Mossel Bay Volkswagen. See table below and do not miss out as stock is limited.

ModelPrice (VAT incl.)Interest Rate to customer*DepositPeriodInstalmentBalloon (rands)Total Cost
Polo Vivo 55kW Conceptline 5DR1438008.39%10.00%721 86650 330184 681
Take up! 55kW 3DR1335008.49%10.00%721 74946 725172 624
Polo 66kW TSI Comfortline 5DR2210008.09%10.00%722 77077 350276 786

*Linked to FNB prime rate, currently 9.25% Note: Offer calculated on model in standard specification. Information subject to change without prior notification. All finance offers are subject to credit approval from Volkswagen Financial Service. Instalment includes initiation & monthly administration fee of R57. Volkswagen Financial Service – A division Volkswagen Financial Service South Africa (pty) Ltd. An Authorised Financial Services & Credit Provider: NCRCP6635. Terms & conditions Apply.

Contact Riaan Sprong for more information on (044) 692 0206.




Our Demo sale is now on for the whole of April! We are selling our stock at MAD prices.

What are demo vehicles? Demos are new cars that have been used as demonstration units. They usually have low mileage.

What is the benefit of buying a demo vehicle?

>Low Mileage
Priced between New and Used vehicles so it saves in comparison to buying a new vehicle
Each demo’s age ranges from a week to a few months so you are truly buying a vehicle that is “like new’.

 To enquire contact Andre Verwey on (044) 692 0206.


 The Parts department is having a Yard Sale on all Old Volkswagen Parts. You, as a client, will receive 50% discount on the all earmarked Old Volkswagen Parts.

For more information you can contact Victor Dingi on (044) 692 0206.

Click on the image on the right to see all available parts.


 Our Service department is offering a free health check for your Volkswagen this April.

Your Volkswagen’s health is our main concern and this check can warn you in advance if there is something that will put you at risk along the way.

For example: your Braking system (brake fluid, brake pads and brake disks) might not be functioning properly and can put your family’s safety at risk if not engaging in time when you apply the brakes; your wiper blades might be worn and will not clean your windows well enough in the event of an unexpected rainstorm, obscuring your view. These checks might seem small but they are important to you roadside safety.

With the health check we check your Volkswagen's:
Brake Fluid, Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Battery, Tyre Pressure and Wiper Blades.

The following times are available for your health check on weekdays 09.00 - 10:00 and 15:00 - 16:00.

Please book with Engelize in advance on (044) 692 0206.

  Fitment Centre
 The Fitment Centre will be looking after your safety this April with their MAD Smash and Grab Specials starting at only R 2 000 on small vehicles.

We only use Solar Film Foundation Safety and Security Film in all our vehicle Smash and Grab instalments.

Here is more information about Smash and Grab:

“Safety and security window film (Smash and Grab) when applied to your existing glass protects occupants and property in the event of glass breakage whether it’s accidental or from an intruder. SFF’s safety and security films are designed to strengthen the structure of the glass on which it is applied, helping to hold shards of glass together in the event of breakage, which reduces the risk of dangerous flying glass that may cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Although these films may not act as a deterrent to criminals in itself, it will severely limit the amount of damage, caused by an impact, and help slow down an intruder’s ability to smash a window for entry. (

Our smash and grab has a 10 year warranty on film and is 125 micron thick.

We are now Seukel 4x4 approved agents. Seukel is the only Volkswagen approved accessory specialists for the Volkswagen Amarok. Seukel specializes in anything from suspension kits, rock sliders, snorkels and performance plug and play chips (which improves horsepower and consumption).

For any other general queries we do fitment ofsound, alarms, central locking, cruise controls, and electric window kits

For more information contact Quentin on (044) 692 0206


The Capped Service Special


Visit Mossel Bay Volkswagen for an unbeatable service deal on all 2003 to 2011 models of the 1.4 and 1.6 Polo petrol models. This offer has been extended from 2014 till July 2015. An offer this good deserves your attention no matter what.

To place a service booking with one of our Service advisers clickon the image on the right or contact us on (044) 692 0206.

  The up! on lessons on how to be successful

Since we have a selection of up! vehicles available for April Madness we would like to share the clever new up! advert with tips on how to be successful.

  parkrun is coming to Mossel Bay!

The Hartenbos parkrun with Mossel Bay Volkswagen and Shell Voorbaai kicked off on Saturday the 14th of March at 8.00am. This was the 50th parkrun established in South Africa and the turnout from the local people was incredible. We had a total of 311 participants, which was rated as one of the highest attendances for an opening parkrun in the country.

Bruce Fordyce was also there to open up the event and give us a brief history of parkrun and how it progressed. To watch the video click, on the parkrun logo on the right.

We encourage people to join us every Saturday, 8.00am at the ATKV beach pavilion to jog or run together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether for fun or as part of a training plan.

parkrun takes place all across the world so no matter where you are, there is always a parkrun nearby.

For more information contact Francois Knoetze on 044 692 0206. You can also register at

  Chocolate Fudge with Bourbon Sugar

As part of April Madness we are throwing in a recipe for Chocolate fudge with a twist.

Send us your comments on Facebook, we appreciate your feedback.


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Mossel Bay Volkswagen


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